March 22, 2016

NEW EDITORIAL/ Sara Armstrong x Anita Sikma Online Capsule Lookbook

It's been FOREVER (realistically 8 months since I have picked up my camera to shoot a proper editorial) since my last shoot/anythingcreativeatall.

Work has been so busy and exhausting since day one back in August and it hasn't slowed down until now. I'm excited as things keep moving forward though because I can definitely feel myself growing more confident in the every day tasks at work and I can tell there will be energy and time to start shooting more! I also recently have another shoot that I'm going to start editing as soon as I finish sharing this new editorial/lookbook with you :D

We had a lot of fun with this shoot! It's exciting to have another backdrop colour to use (courtesy of Sara Armstrong) and I also tried a bit of a new shooting and editing style which I feel really good about.

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