November 29, 2015


Wow it's been a VERY long time since I've posted on here!

It's been a crazy three months since August and since I got the new job at Nordstrom. Since I posted last, I was managing the Pop-In Shop. We've now changed over to our Opening Ceremony Pop-In and going into holiday we're going to start getting a lot of great gifting items. If you need any last minute gifts from $2 (kawaii erasers) to $2000 (solo wheel/hoverboards) we got you covered ;)

Mid October I was also offered the position for manager of Via C (contemporary designer) which I have since accepted and which has been a whole new whirlwind of experiences! I'm so thankful for the amazing support I've received from everyone at work and as it goes, I'm always learning new things every day. Shout out to Stefanie my assistant and everyone on my Via C team for all of your support! <3

So as it stands, I'm currently the manager for Pop-In and Via C which is extremely exciting! If you're ever visiting the shop shoot me a message and I'd love to show you both!

Fun Fact - Via C stands for "Via Collectors" as a bridge between womenswear and womens designer fashion. We carry brands and sub-lines like Opening Ceremony, Helmut Lang, MSGM, Carven, McQ, Marc by Marc, Rag & Bone, and more!

Enough shop-talk though and onto this shoot!

This shoot was also back from August and I finally got around to editing the photos this afternoon. Natasha wanted to take some more photos and I had the time and figured, "Why not?" So we mixed our wardrobe with hers and shot some pics. Nothing crazy, just a fun styling experiment!

As things start settling down with work, I'm hoping to be able to post twice a month going forwards from December into the New Year and actually set time aside to do a photoshoot at least once a month. I really miss doing them and not doing anything creative for three months has been frustrating from a creative stand-point.

Until next time, (hopefully some time in December)