July 01, 2015

NEW EDITORIAL/ How Summer Comes So Quickly ft. Josh Beech

Had an AMAZING time shooting Josh Beech a few weeks ago! Now I know a lot of you don't know who he is, and that's ok! But let me give you some background so you know how exciting this was for me.

Josh Beech is/was one of my personal model favs when I was in high school. Between 2007-2010 there was a of new wave of punk models hitting the scene. On the mens side we have the trifecta of Ash Stymest, Cole Mohr, and Josh Beech. On the girls side, there's kind of just Agyness Deyn, but she is/was super cool too. When I saw them in editorial spreads my whole perception of "fashion" changed completely''.

No longer did mens fashion have to be dapper men in suits, or fit oiled up guys in thongs, fashion could be COOL and punk and FUN.

Now, I'm only like 3 years apart in age from the three of them but I remember sitting in textiles class and looking at my new copy of i-D with this editorial shot by Brett Lloyd and styled by Nicola Formichetti, as seen below:


"STYLED BY NICOLA FORMICHETTI" are you serious? That is SO cool - only took me 2 more years to learn who he was through Lady Gaga, and then another 2 years to realize he actually styled the first editorial that "got" me into fashion. 
But ANYWAY Saul and I were able to shoot Josh! He's stopped modelling to pursue his music career, you can check it out @ joshbeechmusic.com, and because of that, he was in town with his wife, Shenae Grimes. After Josh posted on his Facebook page that he was in Van, Saul tagged me in the photo and I immediately sent Josh an e-mail. Things worked out and not only was he nice enough to let us shoot him but he was great to work with and it is with great excitement that I can now present these photos to you here, and on The Fashionisto!

Below are a couple excerpts from the full editorial but make sure you check out the full editorial on The Fashionisto! Featuring pieces by local designer and friend, Sara Armstrong!

Check out ALL the photos on The Fashionisto! Click Here!

Thank you Josh for taking the time out of your days to e-mail me and actually come out to shoot with us, thank you to Sara Armstrong, and a big thank you to Want Apothecary on South Granville! <3

Until next time,