June 19, 2015

OUTFIT/ Dare to Flare

Okay I apologize for the title, but come on it's kinda funny right?

Hat - Hudsons Bay | Parka - American Apparel | T-Shirt - Gosha Rubchinskiy 
Pants - Topman Design | Shoes - Dr. Martens

When I saw the original runway show for Topman Design SS15 I'll admit I was a bit (read that as a lot) overwhelmed by the full-on psychedelic 70's spectacle they presented. 

As per usual though, after seeing the pieces in store and giving a few of them a try I ended up falling in love with the flared chartreuse pants.

It's really crazy how much a pant shape can subtly/butactuallydramatically change an outfit, I know, I know, I'm just realizing this now and you're probably kind of surprised, hearing this from the boy who wears culottes almost every day. You tend not to realize it, especially if you're used to just wearing similar shapes all the time, but to those of you who stick to the same pant shapes I really recommend giving different cut a try and see where it takes you! You might be disgusted at first but obviously it's because you're used to seeing yourself (and your legs) a certain way, so give it some time! 

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 Enjoy the outtakes!

Until next time,