May 24, 2015

SUMMER MUST HAVES/ Sneaker Shortlist

Hey everyone!

You'll notice this is a bit of a different post from usual but maybe they'll start happening more often...? This is also a little bit of an advertisement, but just know that I am not getting paid for this,  and any sales and clicks from this sneaker feature do not benefit me in any way.

A lovely lady named Laurren Medford-Stewart, who works for European online retailer, contacted me with this "exclusive" infographic on their top summer sneaks and strongly encouraged me to share it. Just because I love FarFetch so much, I present to you FarFetch's Sneaker Shortlist!

What style are you? Let me know in the comments!

Trainer Shortlist

Click the infographic above to view the full animated version on Farfetch's website!

For those of you who don't know what FarFetch is, they are an online retailer that sources their product from european boutiques. Instead of having to visit a bunch of different boutiques websites that may or may not have certain sizes or styles from your fav designers, you can just search them all at the same time through FarFetch! I've made a couple of my purchases from them over the years - I tend to use them as a last resort though because taxes and duties from Europe to Canada are not very nice to my bank account!

until next time,