May 21, 2015


I remember there was a time when I absolutely DESPISED the colour pink - especially on boys.  To be fair, I hated pink in way back high school before I knew that fashion was an actual "thing" and the only guys wearing pink were douchebags or extremely flaming - of which I was neither.  Since then I've grown up some, widened my perspective, dyed my hair blue, green, and come back to black and come to appreciate it, and maybe even love it.

Not only am I into soft pinks, but camel tones, and for anyone who's following me on insta you'll know what I'm talking about. Even though I've made a bit of a promise to myself to stop spending on TS/TM, I ended up splurging on a camel Harrington jacket and this light pink bomber... they were just exactly what I was looking for and the pink bomber I was able to get on my work discount ^-^ In other pink/camel-things-news I'm also saving up for the pink Raf/Stans! Can't wait to wear them with my bomber. Too much pink? Maybe. But I'm feelin' it so 💁🏼

(click photo above to view on

Hat, T-Shirt - Sandro | Bomber Jacket - Topman | Shorts - Zara 
Pin - Inventory from Neighbour | Shoes - New Balance

This one's a short outfit post - no outtakes or anything, sorry! But really, that's fine because it's beautiful outside and you should be enjoying the amazing weather while you can - if it's even nice where you are ;)

Until next time 💞