March 31, 2015

NEW EDITORIAL/ Spring Fling for ION Magazine Issue #95!

HELLOO!!! It's been one heck of a long time and for anyone who still reads these, I APOLOGIZE. I'm v sorry, life gets in the way and unfortunately for this blog and anyone hoping for regular updates,  procrastinating and photoshoots kind of take priority. Yes, it's literally a dramatic switch between photoshoots and procrastinating, I'm not kidding - well, sometimes there's mild anxiety about where to start and what to start on first, which turns into procrastinating, which turns into eating ice cream bars.

Saul and I shot this a while ago, back in January for ION Magazine and it was originally for the February issue. One issue with the printer later though, and here we are in late March (late as in tomorrow is April). It's not a bad thing though! Because you know what? Something I've done is finally in print and in circulation across Canada, and if it took an extra month, I'm okay with that ;D

In other news, I've been working on a few other projects which you'll all see in good time! I always release lots of sneak peeks on projects on my Instagram @MarchelCreative though, so make sure to check it out and follow along!

I've also started a bit of my own online magazine by the name of Your Future Magazine - we're still in early stages of getting things together but I'm definitely looking for writers, photographers, stylists, and anyone creative to submit and get involved. If you wanna help out, short term OR long term, shoot me an email at

NOW you're probably exhausted from that boring talk, so here's the editorial mentioned earlier!


Photography/Styling - Marchel B. Eang
HMUA: Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick
Art Direction: Saul Alviar
Creative Direction: Deanna Palkowski
Models: Mieka from Lizbell Agency, Joe from Wilhelmina Vancouver

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Until next time,