March 07, 2015



Hi everyone! 

Over the past month Saul and I were contacted by Fernando and Sunny, the two creative founders behind the minimal streetwear brand 'OUIBONJOUR'. Established in Barcelona, they were visiting Vancouver for a month before leaving again for Berlin.

'OUIBONJOUR' puts an emphasis on comfort and personal expression while keeping a minimal approach to presentation and uniformity.

As the two have been traveling around the world they've been interviewing the creatives that they discover in whatever city they stop in. In the past they've interviewed the likes of Norwegian music artist Torgny Amdam, Parisian photographer Mathieu Vilasco, Swedish cartoon artist Franz Ung, the Swedish fashion label (whom we love as well) Orphan Bird, and a few others which you should definitely check out in their interviews section.

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They also have an online shop where you can cop a piece from their minimal streetwear brand. We were lucky enough to sneak a peek at their new pieces they're launching this spring. We featured one of their new minimal graphic T-Shirts in "Change of State," our online editorial for Vulkan Magazine.

Make sure to check the full editorial on Vulkan too!

Saul and I are honoured to be a part of their creative journey and thankful to have been able to meet another passionate couple doing what they love.

Check out our full interview on OUIBONJOUR'S website.

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