February 23, 2015

OUTFIT/ Orange Crush

Hat - American Apparel | Shirt - Board of Trade | Overcoat - Topman
Jeans - Naked & Famous Denim | Sneakers - Raf Simons x Adidas

This post is gonna be short sweet and simple. I just really wanted an outfit photo on the huge pile of dirt up across the street. The home owners are in the process of knocking down and rebuilding their house and in the meantime the huge tarped up pile of dirt is just sitting there. Obviously that means a photo-op right?

This outfit is a lot more on the simple side but I'm taking this post as a bit of an experiment to see what posting a "simple" outfit on Lookbook will do. I'm curious to to compare the response of this outfit post to one of the posts where I'm a bit more layered up or where I'm not wearing your typical "menswear" pieces whatever that means ;) 

I have to thank Saul once again for these shoes. Wouldn't have them without him <3 It's kind of strange though because since Christmas I haven't formally posted an outfit photo of them yet - How totally rude of me. Better late than never though!

Outtakes below:

Until next time,