February 07, 2015

OUTFIT/ Craig Green x Champion

I've been bad and not keeping up with this blog, so to anyone still following, I apologize and I'm going to try and get my shit back together cause it's kind of fallen apart amidst a pile of photoshoots and brunches and just being plain lazy. If you haven't already, make sure to follow my instagram @marchelcreative because I'm way more up to date on there.

Anyways since the last post, my appreciation for Craig Green has grown ten-fold and I'm so happy to have been able to get my dirty little paws on something of his this season! I'm saving up for a real pair of his pants still but in the mean time this collaboration set with Champion is satisfying my craving. Also on the plus size, I can basically wear pyjamas to work and look great without worry of damaging something expensive. Win win win!

A little background on the whole thing: Champion threw together a 3-part collaboration with Craig Green, Wood Wood, and Timo Weiland, sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters. Enough blab though, here are the photos ;)

Leather Bucket Hat - Sandro | Top and Shorts - Craig Green x Champion | Shoes - Acne Studios 

Click below for more!


I'm also going to get back on posting brunch photos regularly! So yay for posting more often!

Until next time,