December 02, 2014

OUTFIT/ Just Can't Do Without You

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Hat - American Apparel | Turtleneck - Kit + Ace | Sweater - Boutique by Topshop
Overcoat - Topman Premium | Leather Pants - Vintage | Shoes - Prada

Hope you all don't mind me re-posting my brunch outfits but now that we've started taking individual photos but I figured I might as well because I don't seem to have time to take photos of any other outfits anymore. By the time I get home from work the sun's already setting and I'm usually not willing to deal with the cold by myself.

It's starting to get really really cold out, OKAY, not that cold, like -4C but on my phone it says "feels like -11C" which it really does feel like at times. I know I've raved about this coat a lot but seriously its my new favourite. Definite favourite things are the drop shoulder, the double breast, and the oversized lapels and pockets.

There was some really beautiful blue salt on the roof of the parkade, it reminded me of those steaming hot-springs on National Geo, minus the steam and the full hot-spring experience. Had to be careful treading in it though, as I'm sure you all know salt is the easiest-to-get-on but most damaging thing for your shoes in the winter.  

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Thanks Saul for taking all these photos <3 

Also fun side fact, I receive a mini-letter from Google about my Google AdSense account and a PIN for my deposit account etc, point being I thought I received enough money to be paid out which is REALLY EXCITING cause the "payout" amount is $100. After entering the PIN and doing some looking around, I realized that they send you your PIN after you hit a threshold of $10 so that you can even have an account at all… soooo since I started having ads (about 11 months ago) basically I'm at $13 -_- 

I just wanted to say 'Thanks' to everyone for visiting my site and maybe accidentally clicking on one of them. In 10 years I'll hopefully able to payout my $100.

But seriously thank you to anyone who puts thought and effort into viewing my editorials, outfits, brunches and anything else I post on here. For anyone thats a stranger please do say hi so I know who you are! <3

Until next time,