October 21, 2014


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Hat - H&M | Sweater - Topman Design (AW12) | Leather Jacket - Topman 
Leather-Look Culottes - Zara | Ninja Sneakers - MBMJ 

Haven't been on in a while, let alone post an outfit update. I'm slowly wrapping my head around my new work schedule and things are finally calming down a little bit. Now to catch up on SWAV, and the cluster of unedited photos and editorials piling up in my computer.

For anyone that hasn't been in my personal life loop, I'm now working at Topshop/Topman Richmond! It's kind of a little half-promotion, and kind of the same as downtown except with a MUCH smaller team which means more mannequins for me to dress! The new store is QUITE a bit smaller (like the size of Topman Downtown, but the whole scheme of the store is quite beautiful and feels really boutiquey and spacious. Behind the scenes though, it's extremely different - our stock room is literally a hallway. After having the privilege of working in a store with LOTS of back-space, adjusting to the Richmond setup has taken a couple weeks but after some re-organizing and cleaning up, I'm feeling a lot better and when I leave work I'm not totally wiped out.

Topman Richmond is a totally different story. It's half the size of Topman Vancouver and placed in the middle of the Bay's mens section on the second floor. Also, it has ceiling tiles - I avoid looking up as much as possible. I'm going to leave it at that before this just turns into a boring rant about how weird it is to have Topman on a different floor from Topshop, not to mention having women's lingerie and cookwear as adjacent sections. 



Been really feeling like loading on the leather this season. Not quite sure why but I do know I love the weight of this jacket and the way the shorts move when I walk. 


I got the MBMJ Ninja sneakers from Courtney who's in The Room at Hudson's Bay, but let's just say I got them from Solestruck because Solestruck's prices are cheaper and they also have more colour options #jussaying #lovesolestruck5eva

Seriously, it's a good time to be able to fit into women's shoes.

They're also SUPER comfy. SUPER as in I can wear them for a whole day and no part of my feet or legs are at all sore. YAY! :D 

Also, some people are comparing/complaining that MBMJ copied Bernhard Willhelm x Camper. I used to be one of these people but have since been converted due to just how comfy and actually how different they are (Saul actually bought the Bernhard Willhelm x Camper pair which counts as a strange kind of justification right?…….)  I think these shoes are a good example of "inspired by" but not a direct copy *cough Jeffrey Campbell cough* and for that I can appreciate them. Furthermore after reading some interviews with Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley in regards to their killer concept for their AW14 collection, you just can't be mad at them. They're too cool. 

Until next time,