September 01, 2014


Photography: Marchel B. Eang
Styling: Saul Alviar
Models: Summer from Family Management 
and our friend Judah (unsigned)
Featuring looks by KTZ from Kokko

Sometimes Kokko at Aberdeen Center lets us borrow their new-in clothing to shoot with and this time they threw some KTZ at us. First thing Saul noticed was the swastikas printed both forwards and in reversed in a maze-like pattern over a couple of the sets.

Obviously I didn't think much of it in my AW14 review back in January because I didn't even care enough to post one of those looks hahaha.

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KTZ references a lot of ancient cultures, sometimes-seemingly-occult ones, in their collections, especially from first glance - the make up, the accessories, the black oversized and draping everything, the Illuminati celebs sporting H2T looks often screams 'scary and occult' to the average person. The thing everyone should know is that Marjan Pejoski, KTZ's lead man, knows what he's getting himself into and that what you see isn't what you're getting.  Despite the seemingly-nazi attire, their AW14 collection is inspired by Hinduism and the Himalayas - The silvered faces on the runway referencing the look of black and white images of explorers in the Himalayas. In regards to the Swastikas, yes, it was used by the Nazi party in the 1920s onwards but before that, and I'm talking like 2400-2000 BCE before that in Chinese Neolithic Culture, It's been in existence meaning a lot of other generally, and actually, positive things besides 'nazis'. For more info you can check out the Wiki Page on Swastikas. If it means anything, the section for Swastikas as a Nazi symbol is like 1/5th the size of the information of Swastikas used historically as symbols of peace and harmony #jussaying. 

ANYWAYS ONTO THE FUN STUFF. I just don't want to seem insensitive and ignorant. I know what I'm wearing, that's all :3 

Until next time,