September 07, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB/ Playing Catch Up

WOOPS so it's maybe been a month… *goes to check* OH GOD, it's been TWO months since our last B-Club post. Last one I posted was when Henry Bae from Solestruck visited us in Vancouver back in early July. To anyone who still cares about Brunch Club, I apologize, to anyone who doesn't, I don't apologize. Just know that we've still been going to brunch and taking photos, which is what this post is aaaaalllll about!


Whenever Jordan joins us, we always end up somewhere new - we say Alibi Room, Jordan says 'boring'. That week, she dragged us to Finches at Pender and Homer Downtown, and by dragged I mean she said, "It's really cute, you'll like it there!" and off we were. When she said cute, it was quite the understatement. It's really cute. Like, REALLY, CUTE.  Enough character and charm for the whole family. They're known for their variety of sandwiches with baguettes delivered fresh the morning-of from a local bakery. I'd definitely suggest making sure to stop by at least 15 minutes after their official opening times. Sometimes, like on the day we visited, the baguette deliveries are late and no baguette means no sandwiches. I could have waited the extra 20, but desperately hungry, I opted for a farmers breakfast.

check out their full menu online too: click here. Seriously though look at those baguette options.


Jordan waited for the baguettes but got a cheese plate instead. Too cool for a baguette sandwich.

coffee twinsies.

tattoo twinsies.

We weren't able to get a group pic cause there was nowhere to put the camera, everyone in the area was shady, and Jordan had to go quickly. I wore my raf. really hoped for a photo. oh well.

Look! No Jordan! And where did we end up? Back at the Alibi Room. Also, trying out this new lens I bought. It's an extreeeeeeme wide-angle and everything looks funny.

at least I can fit everyone in my selfies now.

Spencer taught us this new photo pose that rich asians apparently do. Extending a pointed foot is supposed to make the subject taller and skinnier. Pair this pose with a pair of Valentino Rock-Stud-anything or better yet, Manolo Blahnik flats… 

Manololo Blah-nik more like. (this is just me being jaded because I live where I live: a city of uber-rich people, of whom are mostly asian, who don't have any idea how to dress themselves.) Moving on though.

the crew being a bunch of little shits.

Yay this lens fits everyone!

Temporary member of the brunch club. He just came for the photo.

This was the day that everyone either slept in, or was just hungover. To be fair, Saul and I went out the night before and forgot to message anyone until we were cabbing home at 2am. So maybe that one's our fault. Maybe. We went to the Flying Pig in Gastown and DAMN I wish I took photos, but they had the most amazing pork hash and hash brown plate I've ever had. Definitely on the indulgent side of brunch menus, if you want, or you just don't give a damn about a little extra butter and salt. Definitely give The Flying Pig a Visit.

A.Wang Vibez.


YAY. Four Brunch Clubs, two months, one post. We gatz it done we did! Meanwhile NYFW is in full swing… I might post some highlight stuff after its all over but generally NY isn't my city. So don't expect too much from me on that. ;)

Sincerely Yours,
-The Brunch Club