August 25, 2014

OUTFIT/ Simple Sunday

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Haircut - JD's Barber | Shirt - Topman | Shorts - Alexander Wang | Sandals - Topshop | Bag - DIY

I realized that when I use my "NEW OUTFIT" header over my outfit photos, some people might think I took a little shopping trip, when indeed I did not. In this case, these are all things I've had all summer but never worn together. When I say "New Outfit" sometimes, yes, there will be new purchases, but for the most part it'll be a new paring of items you may or may not have seen already.  Just thought I'd clarify :)

Saul and I went to Metrotown on Sunday to use these Dairy Queen coupons we had. 2 for 1 Relish Dogs and Blizzards Yummm. We usually share a mini Blizzard so I don't know why we thought getting a small each. Our friend Logan described it perfectly as "a deceivingly small cup of cake, sugar, and milk". First few bites and you're in heaven-but make it past 10 and it's all aboard the fat train to the bloated city. Somehow I always manage to finish the rest in shame just out of *getting my moneys worth* and it still tasting awfully good.


In other news, I finally got my mop of hair tamed by Harvey at JD's Barber in Gastown. They do really great stuff there, a definite recommendation from this guy.

Back to Metrotown, check out some photos of Saul and some buildings below!

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Until next time,