July 01, 2014

OUTFIT/ Seven Layered Dip

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Hat - American Apparel | Cropped Neoprene Bomber - T by Alexander Wang 
Long Mesh - Topman | Skirt - Topshop | Tights - H&M | Shoes - Vans (Little Burgundy)
Leather Lunch Bag - DIY by Me!

I love seven layered dip. I love the layers of yummy salsa, guac, sour cream, mashed beans, and whatever other goodness is thrown into the mix. It's not a party until someone brings seven layer dip. The only relevance between the title and this outfit is that you can see the layers in both things, and I like layers, so (obviously) in my mind the two went well together. 


Make sure you stick around for the attempted jumping photos, I look awful, it's great.



Maybe wearing synthetic blacks in the summer wasn't such a good idea. I should know by now, even if it's cool in the morning and it looks like its going to be clear in the afternoon, just don't wear layers, just don't…  and preferably not synthetics with layers. 

OH but it's mesh! Nope, still synthetic, still sweaty. Why don't I just wear a scuba jacket too? It's cropped! So breezy! Nope. Still synthetic, still sweaty. Why don't I wear tights under my skirt? Well I guess I had to but still, I could of just worn shorts.  

I'll just swoosh around, maybe that'll cool me down. 
Nope. Oh god, it got so hot. But hey, at least the layers looked cool. right? RIGHT?

Omg prepare for funny jumping photos. 
The heat was getting to me, I didn't even get a single good one. :(

Until next time,