July 07, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB/ Brunch With Bae

HURRAY! The past couple days have been a total whirlwind of wonderful company and new experiences. Not only did Saul and I meet and photograph a wonderful new model on Thursday, but Saturday we FINALLY met Henry Bae from Solestruck with a classic Brunch Club welcome at the Alibi Room followed by a tour of downtown Vancouver. Later that night we went out for by Spencer's birthday party at The Biltmore which naturally led to White Spot the next morning with Reema. Post recovering from a food coma, Saul and I met back up with Henry and Melody Tan for drinks at Chill Winston in Gastown and then Souvlaki dinner at Stephos on Davie. These photos are the regular post-brunch outfit photos but enjoy anyways! Also, there's a fun little question at the end :)


Just a heads up, we never plan our outfits in advance and yet SOMEHOW we all managed to wear black. Going back, it's kind of fun to see Brunch Club's different outfit pairings. Some days we really match, others not so much. Obviously because Saul and I get ready in the morning, we usually end up wearing something in a similar mindset but it's really exciting when new friends - and old friends that can only make it once in a blue moon - manage to be on the same brain wave that day :)


Henry's death shoes. They're actually nails, as in Henry had a bleeding ankle because he scuffed himself. If that's your cup of tea you can still get them here: Capoccia Nail by Forfex

alll da black

Thank you so much Henry for the wonderful company all weekend! It's so refreshing meeting like-minded individuals in different places in the world and I hope we can meet up within the next year! Maybe we'll make it down to PDX some time next year and you can show us where you brunch ;)

Sincerely Yours,
-The Brunch Club

P.S. This is for anyone reading: Over the weekend a couple questions kept coming up over various mean-tables and I thought I'd share.

1) When do you feel the most yourself?

2) If you were isolated in a room for the rest of your life - with no contact to the exterior world - what would you do to keep yourself sane and content?

Just some food for thought ;)