June 19, 2014

LCM SS15/ Day 3 Quik + Dirty

One of the best parts about LCM for me is learning about the ideas behind collections and seeing how the (usually fresh) designers follow through with their concepts. Only thing is that after reading so many LCM articles and reviews by some people who definitely, at the least, took a fashion writing course, I always end up realizing how uneducated and ignorant I sound - awkwardly and embarrassingly lumping me into the category of people who word vomit about collections at face value.   

That being said, I wish I had more time to research more or even just move to London to experience it all. In good time, in good time. As for now, and for future highlights, I'm just going to keep it simple.

Until then, see the highlights of LC:M Day 3 After the jump!



Humberto and Carol play with pastel tropical-optics! Personally I'm tired of palm trees and palm-printed things, so I didn't include the pictures… but they're there. Love me some good optical prints though!


Dazed & Confused referred to Sibling's SS15 collection as "Paleo-punk". Lots of great fabrics and textures, not to mention maybe an homage to Leigh Bowery?


Lots of talk about how moving this collection was. Also lots of talk about how you had to be there. Back to the collection though, love the colour story, love the straps and the movement.


Topman Design 70s I can handle, Katie Eary 70s… not so much. These were the only two looks that I could really stomach. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, just imagine these two outfits with a lot more happy-go-lucky peace sign patches.


This collections is making its rounds as the hottest LCM collection. I would have to disagree and say J.W.'s boys are way hotter, but that's just me. Models aside, great fabric in this collection, I'd love love love to see how it moves in real life.


Colours and prints and totes graphic! Ughhh <3 <3 <3 


Oversized shapes in pinstripes, mustard, khaki, with some nice and simple steampunk goggle/sunnies. Definitely going to be investing in a pair of wide-legged shorts soon.


Wasn't expecting too much from Joseph but I found I really liked this season! Trend spotting some wallpaper floral print, as well as the continuation of baseball Ts. Looooove the square check matching set. Will be interesting to see what Sandro comes out with for SS15 too.

Until next time,