May 16, 2014

OUTFIT/ Have A Nice Day!

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Bucket Hat - Hudson's Bay | Check Coat, Hayden Jeans, Fang Sandals - Topshop
Washed-Poly Crinkle Shirt - Topman | Taffeta Thank You Bag by Lauren Dicioccio - Neighbour

It's been an extremely busy week but now that Model Store is over @ work, I have a nice 4 day weekend to celebrate our "exceeding model store expectations" and to just. relax.

After we got our score for the store and finished for the day, I went on a hunt to reward myself with something. I thought, "Maybe ice cream?" but you and I both know that I actually wanted something that would last me a bit longer. Short story short, I ended up at Neighbour in Gastown and left with the CUTEST handmade-in-san-fran embroidered taffeta bag. Comes in three other styles (photos after the jump if you're interested), and are only $35 each!


My outfit had to be all Topshop/Topman because of the visit, but it's still one of my most favourite looks of the season so far! :) If any of you guys or girls are looking for cute ripped boyfriend jeans, definitely try the Haydens at Topshop. Perfectly boxy and a good amount of distressing! 

Ive wanted a bucket hat ever since I tried on that Y-3 bucket hat I used for a shoot last year but it's been a struggle trying to find one that doesn't have a print or obnoxious logo on it. I was THIISS close to giving in and purchasing the Stussy one @ U.O. but I luckily ran into this one at The Bay - the best part about it is that it's a legitimate camping/fishing bucket hat. None of this skreet stuff for me, no thanks.

For anyone interested in the other bag styles, here they are! Just click to go to the page or better yet, stop into Neighbour and get one yourself!

Until next time,