May 27, 2014

OUTFIT/ Fresh Cut - Touch Up

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Leather Cap - American Apparel | Bomber Jacket, Tassel Bag - Topshop 
Long-Length Shirt - Stanfields | Wrap-Short - Is Not Dead (Secret Location)
Printed Socks - Topman | Sandals - Dr. Martens

Finally got my hair touched up at JD's Barber in Gastown by Harvey and I'm so happy with it! Make sure to check out the gif after the jump for another 360 view sans the cap.

In other news, I found these two packs of long-length t-shirts in my dad's closet when I was looking for some "vintage" clothing last week.  Saul and I had watched Kill Your Darlings, featuring Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe, twice in the past two weeks. It's set in the 40s and based on the true story of American Poet Allen Ginsberg - I highly recommend it. Saul and Judah loved it so much they  wanted to dress up at Lucien Carr and Allen Ginsberg and take selfies but we needed the right wardrobe.  **Dah da da daaaa* enter dad's closet. 


Anyways, point of the story being, after searching for the right pieces, I stumbled upon these packages of your typical Stanfield dad-t-shirts and decided to open one. It was almost exhilarating finding out that   instead of having to buy a $30+ long-length t-shirt from anywhere, these dad-shirts-meant-for-being-tucked-in already belonged to me! Not only did I find a package of two grey shirts but I found another package of two white ones as well! :D

My new favourite tassel bag from Topshop! 
I wish it was real leather but faux will do the trick for now :)

Hurray freshly touched up hair!

Until next time,