May 04, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB/ Weather Report

The weather this week has been all over the place - a little for the better and a little for the worse. It started out kind of sunny, like the kind of sunny that feels good against your face but you still need to wear a light jacket or a sweater. Then by Wednesday to Thursday it had quickly progressed to a full blown mid-August heatwave; socks sandals and tshirts were the only things to wear unless you wanted to die of heatstroke. Friday was alright, a bit cloudy and bit not cloudy, later on in the day it sprinkled a little bit, but the sun was still out, but also not enough for a rainbow? Which leads us to Saturday.

I woke up and 8:30 and it was quite nice out, the sun peeking through clouds here and there, and I thought to myself, "Surely it'll burn the clouds away by noon," but I was wrong. The day quickly greyed over, only to rain, and then stop, and then pour, and then stop, and then sprinkle, and then stop, and then rain again. Leave it to my optimistic self to wear sandals and not bring a jacket. Kelsey came prepared though because in North Van where she lives, it had hailed earlier in the morning. Saul was feeling under the weather so he wore something comfortable which turned out to be slightly more practical than my outfit for the given weather.

Needless to say, we ended up at Alibi Room once more and the food was AMAZING as always. I got the tomato & brie eggs benny, and Kelsey ventured away from her Big Brekky and got one as well. Saul got a regular eggs benny and coffee was had all around.


Alex joined us for brunch too!

nom nom nom

Saul doesn't like the rain very much.

Sincerely yours,
-The Brunch Club