May 25, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB/ Ft. Sarah Koh!

This will just be a quick one tonight but I'm going to start to take more in between shots for the B-Club so bear with me this time because looking back at them, they're kind of rough. Whoops!

We were SO happy to be able to have brunch with Sarah and Spencer! We know both Sarah and Spencer through Little Burgundy and haven't been able to really meet up until recently. The last time Saul and I had seen and Sarah was last year after we all had a bit too much to drink at Guu Garden.  We took it easy this time with coffee and Tomato + Brie Bennies and had an amazing time catching up!

Full outfits are after the jump as per usual so don't forget to check em out!


CDG Houndstooth pants

Kels is a QT


Not quite sure why the photos have a halo, must have had finger prints on the lens :/ But anyways,
Sincerely Yours
-The Brunch Club