April 20, 2014


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Saul got these shoes, fittingly called the SELFIE by YES, for me back in February for Valentines Day from no other place than Solestruck, and JEEZE are they beautiful. There was only one problem, he accidentally ordered a size too small. Okay okay, well he didn't actually - I usually order my shoes to fit 25cm long if it's a sneaker or a rounder toe and a 25.5-26cm shoe if it's a more pointed toe or a womens shoe due to the width (anyone buying me shoes take note). These shoes fit the length perfectly but after double checking the site, they did mention they tapered in at the toes. We had planned to return them but we couldn't find the receipt and days turned into months and we figured it was a lost cause.

Three whole months later I was sitting home alone and just for pure lols, decided to try them on with some wool socks. "Maybe I  could stretch them out," I thought, "It'll be fun," they said. When I put them on they were tight, like really tight,  and I mean in the 'really damn cool' tight, but mostly in the Chinese foot-binding tight. After an hour or so I took off the socks tried them on with some thinner socks.... AND THEY FIT. No pain no gain I guess..? 

Sunglasses - Zara | Blazer - Hugo Boss | Shirt - Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus
Cropped Pants - Thrifted/DIY | Shoes - YES (Solestruck)


Look at dat mermaid perfection

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