April 07, 2014

OUTFIT/ A Cut Above

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Bones - O.S. Accessories | Turtleneck, Sweatshirt - Topman | Windbreaker - Vintage Adidas 
Shorts - (Altered) Cheap Monday | Platform Sandals - Y.R.U. (Solestruck)

Sorry its been so long! I've got a couple new projects under way and they're definitely going to be worth the wait. To name a couple, in the past two weeks we've done projects with El Kartel, Charles & Grace Jewellery, as well as one more that's top secret. The first two will be launched before May but the top secret one we're looking to launch a after those depending on some things. We're in the early stages right now so look out for updates on that. There'll be a little sneak peek of sorts later this week!

In other news, I got my hair cut again and this time round there's barely any green left. I might go back to green later on in the season but for now I'll be au natural on the top. Some backstory, Saul originally got me a haircut at JDs Barbershop in Gastown for Valentines because my hair was getting quite unruly. I was quite hesitant at first and probably was a little bit of the worst boyfriend ever when he told me he was getting me a haircut for a Valentines gift.... but in the end I loved it and it actually motivated me to get regular haircuts - they say every 8 weeks is appropriate for a touch-up. I'm also at a point when I'm tired of wearing hats. Mostly due to the physicality of my work, they tend to get in the way and make me way warmer than I need to be. It's kind of been strange after wearing some form of headwear every day for a year, but in the mean time expect a lot more posts without hats.


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