April 21, 2014

BTS/ New Projects!

Hey everyone! A lot of things happened over this weekend and I'm excited to share them all with you! Both are kind of a secret right now but I'll be posting more as time progresses so be sure to keep an eye on SWAV and my facebook page.

Sunday was a fun filled day of photos and pizza while we worked on the lookbook and editorial for Ghazal Elhaei's Eco Fashion Week Collection. Ghazal was chosen to be one of the few stylists who was given $500 to one of Vancouver's most well known thrift stores, Value Village. From there, stylists have free reign to style a collection using only VV which will later be presented at Vancouver Eco Fashion Week...


We've been requested to keep photos under wraps but here's one BTS shot. Ghazal posted this on her insta so I figured it was alright to go ahead and regram it ;)

The second project this weekend was on Saturday and what was planned to be a 6 hour day quickly turned into a 12 hour day for everyone. We're calling this project "New Eyes" and it's going to be a photography and film based editorial. YES I said FIILLMMM. If you're not excited then I want you to step away from the computer and come back in 10 minutes and read it again. Hopefully the shock will have worn off and you can let your excitement through. 

The raw footage I saw from behind the camera was AMAZING and I can't wait to see it all edited. Saul is also composing an original score so everything is going to be made by this amazing team of young talent we pulled together :)

Here are some of the BTS Instas from everyone throughout the day!

Amazing lighting thanks to Peter Zoe + Marcus!

Wardrobe - Topman, Adidas, Jeremy Scott x Adidas, John Fluevog, Public School, Y-3, Cheap Monday, Topshop, O.S. Accessories, and Bernhard Willhelm!

Last look! 

Ambrose from behind the lens ;)

Until next time,