April 26, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB/ Ft. Spencer Varsek

Another Saturday another brunch! This week featuring Saul's kinda-longtime-ish friend Spencer!   Make sure to check out our full outfits after the jump!

It's has also come to my recent attention, from someone who may or may not be named Cyara, that some people don't really know what happens at Brunch Club. For the record, even though there haven't been any photos of brunching, we do indeed go for brunch. I usually try to avoid taking photos of food with a large camera at restaurants simply to avoid being one of "those people". This weekend however, and for your entertainment, we did take photos of our wonderful dishes from the Alibi Room.

Regular Eggs Benny

Tomato & Brie Eggs Benny

The Big Brekky


-Sincerely Yours
The Brunch Club