March 21, 2014

OUTFIT/ Whose Rules

(click photo above to view in Lookbook)

Hat, Tank - H&M | Coat - Topshop | Sweatpants - Alexander Wang (Holt Renfrew) 
Bag - Margiela x H&M | Sandals - Dr. Martens

Yesterday Saul and I attended Vancouver Fashion week to see our amazing friend, Evan Clayton, and the presentation of his AW14 collection Jenova. Those of you have been following SWAV for a couple weeks will have seen the Press Release images on the blog and the AW14 Look Book preview on FB. If you haven't you should check them out for sure. Hopefully the lookbook will be up soon.

I didn't take any photos of the collection live because we only wanted to see Evan's show and his collection being last, we didn't end up with seats that were good for photos. Also, I already have the lookbook photos so hah. 

Anyways, onto the photos!


Everyone at Vancouver Fashion Week dresses to impress... and as in every city there are the people who pull looks off flawlessly no matter what they wear and there are those that just there to peacock. It's a fine line but when it comes down to it, I feel like we all know what's up. In Vancouver, there's generally a lot of peacocking going on soooo I ended up in socks and sandals. Rules are meant to be broken right? But in all seriousness, why is it even a rule? Where did it come from? Is it based in a distaste for its ironic practicality? Or does everyone just hate everything that might be considered Normcore (see K-hole's "Youth Mode" for more info on Normcore). If you know let me know. As far as I'm aware, it's merely a social construct and pretentious non-existant "fashion" faux-pas. Personally I think with the right sandals and sock I think it works. Showing off the bands of the sandals while simultaneously playing with the idea of exposing something that's generally hidden.

 Until next time,