March 10, 2014

OUTFIT/ Dripping in Black

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Hat - American Apparel | Cape - Complex Geometries | Long Fingerless Mitts - H&M
Crinkle Tshirt - Topman | Shorts - Vintage/Altered | Tights - Topshop
 Shoes - New Balance (El Kartel) | Wallet - Comme Des Garcons

It's always hard coming up with titles for all-black outfits without totally sounding pretentious or cliché. I apologize if I offend anyone with how dumb they can be sometimes. Just know that I tried, and if I failed and you're all shaking your heads, please suggest some names for future black outfits - I'm gonna need them. On another note, I'm gonna start making more of these gif things when I have the time. Personally I find them somewhere between entertaining and creepy but as a plus, the outfits I make gifs with seem to get more traffic than the ones that don't so that's a bonus :)


It's been quite a whirlwind of a past couple weeks. New changes at work, photoshoots, rainy weather, and life in general this week have make it quite difficult to gather the energy to take the tripod out after a long day but I really enjoyed the layering in this outfit and felt like sharing it! 

See the outtakes after the jump!

Jumping photos always end up taking a few tries and there are usually a couple that are worth a chuckle. Note the one on the left where I look like a black marshmallow.

 Until next time,