March 09, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB/ Alibi Room FT. Patrick Sherwood!

So we ended up at the Alibi Room yet again because Nuba, which we've been meaning to go to for two weeks now, doesn't open until 12 and Kelsey had to leave before 1. We also had a lot of wine the night before and couldn't be bothered to find a new place to go to, so Alibi Room it was. Ordered the Tomato and Brie Eggs Benny yet again and it was still just as delicious as the last one.

Yet again, I forgot to take the camera card out of the computer when I left the house. In advance I apologize for the quality, we had to use Saul's Samsung.


We were (I was) in a rush to get dressed in the morning because as per usual we (I) slept in (longer than everyone else). I was really excited to wear the new white on white Dr. Martens with an all white outfit but two problems arose out of this. One, it was raining and I don't have any white or light grey outerwear and two, I was set on wearing my mandarin collar shirt but between the wide legged pants and mandarin collar, I always ended up looking like some kind of priest/monk/doctor/AsianJesus. So I settled for looking like an explorer by layering a sweater on top with my big scarf. Should have just gone with sweatpants and made it into a monochrome street-styled outfit... or maybe should have just woken up on time.  You live and you learn.

This week welcoming Patrick Sherwood to the table in a guest feature! Can't wait to see your photos from the USED Vintage SS14 Lookbook! We're so excited! 

Until next time,