March 30, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB - Alibi Room #5

The Alibi Room is kind of our new favourite place I guess. Quick service, AMAZING eggs bennies and never a line up, there's absolutely nothing to dislike and everything to love about it. This past Saturday was the busiest day we've gone and we still only had to wait 5 minutes - even still, it was a quick wait for the table of 4 to finish up and leave. 

See the full outfits after the jump!

Jordan (furthest right) is actually one of the founders of Brunch Club but this is first photo we've manage to grab of her because she's always in a rush and dashes out the door before we've even got our bills. She's also the buyer for Vancouver's new online retailer Young & Only which features international brands like  Rains, Bare + Jaded, Democratique, Komono, and RVLT, as well as local designer London Alexander. Y&O is a well curated mens & womens online hub for shoppers who are looking for quality essentials, definitely check em out! 

We would have taken individual outfit photos but we were in a rush to get to our shoot at El Kartel's new location on 104 East Pender. The shoot went really well and there will be updates this week about that so look forwards to that! :D

Sincerely yours,
-The Brunch Club