March 23, 2014


The three of us ended up at The Flying Pig Gastown for brunch this weekend and a delicious time was had. Saul ordered Chef Erik's Croque Madame with a side of Hashbrowns, for Kelsey it was the Country Style Breakfast, and for myself it was the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benny. Yum! When the Benny came it looked a lot smaller than a traditional Benny - two poached eggs on a single slice of sourdough with dill cream cheese and the smoked salmon. However to my delight it was extremely filling and the salad served with it was so refreshing with light vinaigrette it was served with. Also definitely recommend the side of hash browns. Saul usually likes his hash un-shreded but found the Flying Pig's shredded hash irresistible. Topped with fried onions and for an extra 4 bucks you won't be disappointed!

It was raining and there was nobody to take our photo so we went home and took our brunch club outfit photos in my new studio :)

See the full outfits after the jump!

Sincerely yours,
-The Brunch Club