February 22, 2014

OUTFIT/ Finders Keepers

Found both the Saint Laurent scarf and Alexander Wang pleated sweats amidst the Holts sale a month back and couldn't help but snatch them up - I can't believe I haven't officially posted a photo of them yet! The sweats are a silk/wool blend with a nice cocoon shape and some great front pleats, completed with some zippers at the inner ankle. The scarf is one of my new favourite scarves because it was the only piece from the collection that really caught my attention, not to mention I've always wanted to own something weird from Saint Laurent... just cause why not, right?

I've also recently received a haircut at JD's Barber Shop in Gastown as a Valentines gift from Saul but I took these photos before I got the cut so you'll all have to see me in real life or just wait until I post a new outfit with my new hair!

Saul got me the Comme Des Garçons x Converse shoes for Christmas and I absolutely love them. They're so cute and comfortable and are great for adding street-kawaii to an all black outfit :)

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Hat - Crystal Mall | Bones - O.S. Accessories | Bomber, Crinkle T-Shirt - Topman
Scarf - Saint Laurent (Holt Renfrew) | Sweats - Alexander Wang (Holt Renfrew)
Shoes - Comme Des Garçons x Converse (Holt Renfrew)

See more photos after the break!

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