February 04, 2014

OUTFIT/ Culotte Me Maybe

Okay I just needed a name for this post and that was the first thing that came to mind so don't make fun of me, although I won't be mad if you do. Just got these navy satin culottes from Topshop and I haven't felt this excited to wear something in a while! We received them at TS as a part of the "Skate Away" trend inspired by Cara Delevigne's casual off-duty looks. The moment I saw them I felt like I understood them: matched with a slouchy-slightly-cropped burn-out tshirt, a fun floral (and maybe quilted?) bomber jacket, and a slouchy toque. 

On a side note, we went shopping with Saul's manager for her Malaysian vacation and we paired them with this cut-out crop top to make a laser sharp outfit. The cut out angles of the crop with the stiff wide-legs create a very Alex Wang-esque look. It's hot, believe me. :)

Back on track, it was really cold today so I had to layer up (as seen underneath the large image) and I swear the layers looked cool in real life but the photos just look super slumpy. Too bad. To make it up to you I learned how to do this cool Cinemagraphy thing! So there! 

(click photo above to view in Lookbook)

Hat - Hudson's Bay | Gloves - American Apparel | Overcoat, Scarf, Culottes - Topshop
Long Button-Up - H&M Trend | Boots - Dr. Martens (Little Burgundy)

More photos after the jump!

Until next time,

P.S. Thanks Evan for actually getting on my ass to make me make a gif!