February 09, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB/ Alibi Room Round 2

We originally planned to visit Nuba in Gastown at 12 but some people couldn't make it because of work so we pushed the time back to 11. The morning of, I checked Nuba's website to phone and let them know were were going to be a larger group, only to discover they open at 12 on Saturdays... So needless to say, we ended back up at The Alibi Room, which I wasn't complaining about because their Brie + Pesto Eggs Benny is absolutely divine.

A couple of our friends didn't up making it due to unforeseen circumstances, and Jordan had to leave early so it's just the three of us, but this is what we wore! See the full photo after the jump!

I apologize for the low quality, we had to use Kelsey's phone and self timer because I was dumb. I made a conscious effort to remember putting the battery in my camera before we left that day, but just so happened to leave the memory card plugged into my laptop hahaha.

Until next time,