January 21, 2014

OUTFIT/ Revisiting

I've had my studded hat for some time now, for over a year now, and I remember wearing it almost every day and having to fight Saul for it when we made our outfits the night before. Now it hangs on the wall with the other hats, sad, out of trend, and unworn. I also found my Pray For Paris Tshirt that I used to obsess over until I finally received it in the mail and realized it made me a walking sign just begging for people to ask me "What's wrong with Paris?" And the shorts? There used to be an inner lining to them that created a third level below the actual shorts, but after wearing them to work once and having to squat in them, they actually ripped and I never wore them again out of pure disappointment.

After staring at these sad things I used to love (and still do somewhere within) I realized they all went well together and still felt fresh when paired with the right accessories. On that note, I've been looking for a new pair of NBs because my grey ones are just a tad too small and found these NB's on sale at El Kartel on Granville and had to buy them for their sneaker/hiking boot allure. Non-athletic sports-wear all the way. 

(Click to view on Lookbook)

Hat - Romwe | Scarf - American Apparel | Bomber Jacket, Roll-Neck - Topman | 
Clutch - Topshop | Tshirt - Pray for Paris | Gloves - H&M 
Shorts - Is Not Dead (Secret Location) | Shoes - New Balance (El Kartel)




Until next time,