January 07, 2014

LCM/ Keep it coming!

Today I was steaming some outfits and dozed off while standing up, enough that I dropped the shirt I was steaming...it was just one of those days! On a totally different note and minus it being the slowest day of the year thus far (and apparently statistically the most depressing day of the year), LCM continues with another slew of amazing shows that I semi-annually  dream about going to since the day I learned of LCM's existence.


What has Edgar Allan Poe, Alfred Hitchcock and is black all over? McQueen AW14! But seriously, the feathers and jackets dripping with a cinematic glimmer and the one jacket that literally has writing dribbled across the chest? This is a major game-changer for McQueen Menswear, It's really great to see that Sarah Burton's really taken the effort to rejuvenate the menswear line by injecting some life and youthfulness into it and I hope to see it go further! Read more after the jump!

Loving the hint of art-deco metallics and the full-sized film-noir prints on the outerwear. Also loving the razor-cheekbone action going on.


Power-wife of a minimalistic architects in the 70s... that just got out of bed...  She forgets to do her hair sometimes. Other way of looking at it could be something along the lines of "boys bringin' in the dough". But seriously, in the situation of the minimalistic architect's power-wife, if any of these boys were in a relationship with another person, who would be making the money? 
Probably one of these guys.

Tape-roll bangles? Chic.  Also having a moment to appreciate the various styles of clutches and bags. DAT BUCKET BAG. IT'S LITERALLY A BUCKET. I LOVE IT. 

This collection is so good, so good that I'm almost scared, it's exciting.  But seriously, it amazes me how J.W.'s been able to keep it fresh for so long while still sticking so true to his aesthetics. Is it gonna keep going? Is it gonna crash and burn? Hopefully the first one.


Space Odyssey: 2001. Sandra Bullock. Moments of cosmic clarity. Texture on prints on prints on proportions on space obelisk. Not to be mistaken with anything galaxy print. Serious tromp d'oeil action with these prints though,  like just look at the garment construction working with the prints

The colour/pattern story starts rough and textured like you're soaring over the surface of a cratered and mountainous planet with the sun beaming over the horizon of the plants surface. Suddenly it transitions into these surreal "heavenly" prints, like the neoprene flower combo up top, that make me feel like I'm experiencing some spiritual transformation. Next up are the heavenly men slathered in glitter and plexi. Stark colours and shapes evoke a minimalistic-intellectual feeling while the glitter and plexi make me think of a transformed/enhanced human state. Lastly comes the space obelisks. The ultimate symbol of divine knowledge. Meanwhile everyone who just watched the show realizes that Kay Kwok IS the obelisk of fashion. #SpaceOdysseyConspiracyReference


Not my favourite from James Long, but I figured I'd share cause I thought there were some really interesting ideas going on. LOVING the hair and the colour blocking and the texture, which would make you think I would like the whole thing together, but alas, both Saul and I feel a but underwhelmed :( BUT WE DON'T WANT TO, DON'T HATE.


Shout out to my friend Barry who got me to understand Margaret Howell. Woot! I also wasn't going to post a photo but I saw that hat on the left and after emitting a small squeak I figured I probably should. Needless to say, LOVE the hat as well as the slight sports influence on the middle. The guy on the right was just the cutest and I needed a 3rd image. I guess he has a nice sweater too. 

Until next time,