January 12, 2014

LCM/ Delayed Day 3 Posting!

ARGH I was supposed to post this Wednesday! I don't even know how that happened. Well, I kind of totally do but that's besides the point. Anyways, as Milan Fashion Week is full steam ahead, here's my short sweet and simple review of LCM Day 3 + some extra haha..ha..... :(


At first glance the prints in this collection remind me of Raf Simons SS13 but further inspection reveals subtle references towards safety and work wear. Large, long, and boxy shapes filled the runway this season with glances of reflective tape and enlarged abstracted prints of industrial power-related graphics. 

It took me a few minutes of going through the collection to appreciate the it because I did feel a bit underwhelmed after last seasons' colourful suits and their AW collaboration with Topman. Things I definitely love though: Oversized prints, reflective safety tape with the varsity-type styling, and LOVING the proportions! Read more after the jump!


Always making a huge statement with their classic and casual black and white street wear, KTZ freshens up for AW14 with new faces and new materials. 

 Mirrored outfits, looking like all-black Tibetan lanterns, dazzled while velour, textured wetlooks, metallics, and various furs, did the rest of the work. Silver faces, matching the background, make every photo look like it was taken in sepia. Favourite things this season have to be the laying of texture on texture on texture, DEFINITELY the silver faces, and shout out to that last look on the bottom right with the laser-white piping on the black textural gloss. Luuuuh dat.


Dear Christopher Bailey, I don't know what kind of fall weather you have over there but I'm assuming it's cold, I am just wondering why you chose the mesh tank-top as your AW14 must-have.

Dont' get me wrong, I TOTALLY love the mesh tanks and I totally want one to replace my H&M one that looks more 90's-raver-clubkid than manly-vintage-British-sports-player, but this means that i'll just have to wait for AW14 to buy it and then SS15 to wear it...? Hmm. Anyways, things I loved: THE PRINTS! There's just something so autumn-romantic about the art-nouveau/medieval enlarged leaf prints; I'm a sucker for romantic stuff. Also love the bags, although with my height, there'd be hole in the bottom of it after dragging it around for 10 minutes


Bobby Abley's collection did speed and Katie Eary happened. 

Mickey headpieces, bondage, cheetah print, prints on prints on prints on layers, and Flock of Seagulls on fire, what's not to love? Is it just me or is that print of the red demon with the white teeth kind of terrifying? Shit scares the bejeebies out of me


Not much to say about Sibling... although I'm a bit (or a lot? I'm still desciding) underwhelmed, I like it.


Loving Christopher Shannon this season. Opening the show with three cigarette sweaters, I feel like I have to get one of them for Saul. It'll probably be the pink one (below) just because it says "Goodtime Sweet Lips" HAHA. It's so good, seriously if you're not on it, get on it.

Sports-wear, Andy Warhol, vinyl, and some kitsch florals make for a great collection, as shown by Christopher Shannon! Things to take note of: the details in the construction! Look at that sleeve sewn into the front of the jacket that looks like a shirt-wrap! Look at the high-low-extended jackets! Secondly, just when I thought I was going to be over wet-look hair, Christopher Shannon does this and changes my mind all over again. I know the alien look's been done on girls before but in combination with this collection, Saul good.


The only reason I know and/or care about Pringle of Scotland is because I worked at Secret Location and that was one of the brands they carried. These were my two favourite looks for AW14.... and yeah.


Weirdly, not much to say about Mr. Palillo this season. Love the stuff and the shirt on the left is a lot of fun with moveable patches on velcro stripes but other than that, pretty standard 


Note the matching tie-shirt combo. ISN'T THAT COOL? You didn't see that at first did you? The printed "my t-shirt is a necklace too" thing is pretty nifty. 

Now this is the stuff I REALLY like. Mostly talking about the shirtless pic... jk, I'm talking about the clothes..... I'm still really into cut & sew techniques and I think Givenchy really showed these techniques off nicely to compliment and follow up their SS14 cruise collection. I think I just realized that I'm only going to follow Givenchy Cruise + Prefall, that's the only stuff I like anymore.


Inspired by mens wrestling, Shaun Samson brings a lot to the plate this season. Layered galore with kilt-pleats, shorts, leg warmers, buttonups and sweaters, Samson holds nothing back with this collection. The looks are finished off with prize sashes, a lengthy bouquet of prize florals, and an dark crown of foliage. Love it love it love it. Keep an eye out for this guy!

Until next time,