January 28, 2014

EDITORIAL/ Waxing Poetic

I'm really excited to be able to share this with everyone, hope you enjoy!

Photography, styling, editing, and layout: Marchel B. Eang
Co-styling and hair: Saul Alviar
Model: Matt Sproat (unsigned)

Featuring pieces from Acne Studios, Topman, Comme Des Garcons, H&M, and American Apparel.

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January 26, 2014

OUTFIT/ Magnetic

Saul and I got really inspired by the Acne Menswear AW13 collection which featured neckties reminiscent of 18th century fashion, giant fur hats, and sweaters with "Magnetic", "Poetic
, and "Romantic" printed or embroidered across them. Muted blues, browns and a dusty rose were the prominent colours as well as two different variations of a rich marble print in a blue/green/gold and a green/rose/gold.

Something about the romanticism and simplicity really piqued our interests and the styling satisfied our growing thirst for something 'less is more'. I spoiled Saul over the holidays and bought him two of the sweaters he wanted, as well as one for myself.

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Hat - Hudsons Bay | Scarf - Topshop | Sweater - Acne Studios
Jeans - Naked & Famous | Shoes - Solestruck x Buffalo

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January 25, 2014


On Saturdays we brunch and this is what we wore! We visited the Alibi Room on 175 Alexander Street on the edge of Gastown, and this Saturday our new friend Matt is the featured guest!

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January 21, 2014

OUTFIT/ Revisiting

I've had my studded hat for some time now, for over a year now, and I remember wearing it almost every day and having to fight Saul for it when we made our outfits the night before. Now it hangs on the wall with the other hats, sad, out of trend, and unworn. I also found my Pray For Paris Tshirt that I used to obsess over until I finally received it in the mail and realized it made me a walking sign just begging for people to ask me "What's wrong with Paris?" And the shorts? There used to be an inner lining to them that created a third level below the actual shorts, but after wearing them to work once and having to squat in them, they actually ripped and I never wore them again out of pure disappointment.

After staring at these sad things I used to love (and still do somewhere within) I realized they all went well together and still felt fresh when paired with the right accessories. On that note, I've been looking for a new pair of NBs because my grey ones are just a tad too small and found these NB's on sale at El Kartel on Granville and had to buy them for their sneaker/hiking boot allure. Non-athletic sports-wear all the way. 

(Click to view on Lookbook)

Hat - Romwe | Scarf - American Apparel | Bomber Jacket, Roll-Neck - Topman | 
Clutch - Topshop | Tshirt - Pray for Paris | Gloves - H&M 
Shorts - Is Not Dead (Secret Location) | Shoes - New Balance (El Kartel)


January 19, 2014

M1L4N M3NS F4SH0N AW14/ Playing Catch-Up

Hey everyone, yet again I've been a bad boy and I fell behind on my mens shows. So I'm going to give everyone a quick and simple relay though some of the best... and some not so best looks from the Milan and Paris Mens Fashion Weeks all in one post!

Lets start with Milan,

As far as simplistic goes, I'm loving Jil Sander's AW14 collection for it's textures and colour palate. Stiff shapes and clean styling keep the collection cool and collected with a modern classy edge. For those of you who might not know, Jil Sander actually left her brand for the third time, and this collection was designed by the in-house team. Bravo! I can't wait to get my hands on the grey t-shirt on the bottom right, perfect for those days you just want to be grey and boxy, which for me is surprisingly more often than one might think!



January 12, 2014


I've been eyeing these shoes ALL SEASON and after lots of voodoo and praying (or what some people refer to as "end-of-season-sales") I finally own them! Apparently in Prada, I'm a size 6 mens. If anyone has any theories as to why the sizes are so weird (I'm usually a Mens 8) please do let me know because both Saul and I can't figure it out.

Plastic hat, black circle scarf - American Apparel | Backpack, bomber jacket - Topman 
Leather-look sweatpants - Topshop | Eye-sweatshirt - Kenzo | Shoes - Prada

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LCM/ Delayed Day 3 Posting!

ARGH I was supposed to post this Wednesday! I don't even know how that happened. Well, I kind of totally do but that's besides the point. Anyways, as Milan Fashion Week is full steam ahead, here's my short sweet and simple review of LCM Day 3 + some extra haha..ha..... :(


At first glance the prints in this collection remind me of Raf Simons SS13 but further inspection reveals subtle references towards safety and work wear. Large, long, and boxy shapes filled the runway this season with glances of reflective tape and enlarged abstracted prints of industrial power-related graphics. 

It took me a few minutes of going through the collection to appreciate the it because I did feel a bit underwhelmed after last seasons' colourful suits and their AW collaboration with Topman. Things I definitely love though: Oversized prints, reflective safety tape with the varsity-type styling, and LOVING the proportions! Read more after the jump!

January 07, 2014

LCM/ Keep it coming!

Today I was steaming some outfits and dozed off while standing up, enough that I dropped the shirt I was steaming...it was just one of those days! On a totally different note and minus it being the slowest day of the year thus far (and apparently statistically the most depressing day of the year), LCM continues with another slew of amazing shows that I semi-annually  dream about going to since the day I learned of LCM's existence.


What has Edgar Allan Poe, Alfred Hitchcock and is black all over? McQueen AW14! But seriously, the feathers and jackets dripping with a cinematic glimmer and the one jacket that literally has writing dribbled across the chest? This is a major game-changer for McQueen Menswear, It's really great to see that Sarah Burton's really taken the effort to rejuvenate the menswear line by injecting some life and youthfulness into it and I hope to see it go further! Read more after the jump!

January 06, 2014

MAN/LCM/ So it begins!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! MAN and LCM are launching their AW14 collections and so far SO AMAZING.

"For those of you that don't know, MAN is an initiative started by Topman and Fashion East (the non-profit organisation established by Lulu Kennedy MBE and the Old Truman Brewery in 2000). MAN spearheaded London Fashion Week’s menswear schedule in 2005 and proudly champions emerging menswear talent. Designers are selected by a panel of buyers, stylists and journalists including Nicola Formichetti, Charlie Porter and Tim Blanks. Each season these young designers receive a bursary, catwalk show-production, PR support and expert advice to help them launch their labels."... check out more on the LFW Website.

This year MAN spotlights Alan Taylor, Bobby Abley, and Craig Green. J.W. Anderson, Christopher Shannon, and James long are a few alumni of MAN that you may have already heard of.

On with the show(s), 


Disney died and came back from the dead to haunt me in the form of the sexiest soul-sucking men ever.  EVER. Is it just me or are those silver dental-torture devices sexy or is it just me? ...Just me? okay. Anyways, appreciating the use of texture, silhouette (graphically and physically), and major tongue in cheek Disney references. See more after the jump!