December 26, 2013

OUTFIT/ Black Christmas

I've been a bad boy in regards to my December posting schedule. In the midst of O1O work and "maybe" getting a new camera and the quickly depleting daylight I managed to not post for 4 weeks straight. The horror!

The good news is that I did end up purchasing a new camera (albeit on a Future Shop credit card so I can pay it off slowly) and it's really exciting because it's got an amazing ISO which means I can take photos in low light settings that my other camera just wouldn't be able to handle. Hurrah!

To celebrate, I took some outfit snaps  the day before with one of my new presents that Saul let me open in advance as a Christmas Eve present. It's a long black Comme Des Garcons shirt with iridescent buttons and lovely back-shoulder pleats that really add to the detailing of the garment. I'm just so excited to because I know I'll have this forever as a great layering piece or just as an easy throw on. Thank you Saul! Love that guy ;D

I hope everyone has happy and restful holidays with good food and good company!

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Cat Hat - Crystal Mall | Scarf - Zara | Suede Biker Jacket, Jeans - Topman | Fuzzy Gloves - Topshop 
Long Shirt - Comme Des Garcons | Boots - Dr. Martens (Little Burgundy)


More outtakes after the jump!

Good luck to all you Boxing Day shoppers and until next time,