November 25, 2013


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First of all I just want to make it clear that I still think these toques are still, and always have been, REALLY DUMB***. If you're still wearing yours, please stop. Second of all I'm sorry for not posting more. I've been under a lot of pressure lately from Good Ol' O1O Mag and taking on responsibilities for Topshop Canada's Social Media (See the Meadham Kirchhoff Launch Party Here... I did all the Instagramming, Tweeting, and Photos on FB)

 I really want to get around to doing more personal editorials with guys Saul and I have scouted. Look forwards to more. Also I might be splitting the costs of a new camera with my parents. Fingers crossed, this is a big deal!

**** There are so many better options of headwear to choose from. Don't settle just because A$AP did it. 
If you're going to wear some street-parody of a brand, know what the joke is otherwise what's the point? Well now that I think about it I think the point is subliminally, "Hey look what I bought at this cool store – which must mean it's socially acceptable to wear vulgar clothing in public!" WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS GUYS. WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS. 

That being said, I think there's definitely something to be said about using 'vulgar' language erry day... ("If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?) and wearing it across your chest/head all day for everyone to see what a rebellious free spirit you are. Really though, it's a blessing in disguise because it just helps me figure out who I can unfriend from FB. :) I digress, there are those who can pull it off successfully and not look like a tool, but for the most part I hope this trend dies a quiet death, only remembered with rolled eyes and bad puns. 

ANYWAYS, I made this 'Play' pin from felt and glued a safety pin to the back. I made another for Saul and we named them "Comme" and "Garçon". I used to hate Play so much but slowly realized I'm just really bothered by the way most of people who wear it style it. Yep. 



Hat - Crystal Mall | Scarf, Jersey Dress (Tied Up) - H&M 
Coat - Topshop | Oversized Sweatshirt, Spray on Jeans - Topman
Boots - Dr. Martens (Little Burgundy)