November 03, 2013


After going for brunch at the Twisted Fork Bistro on Granville Street (WHICH WAS AMAZING BY THE WAY, DEFINITELY GO THERE IF YOU CAN STAND WAITING A LONG TIME) Jeremy and Kelsey came over to play some Scattergories and test the photo-set up I arranged in my garage. Needless to say it went very well!

Some of you may have seen the social projects Boyfriends In Their Girlfriend's Clothing or Switcheroo by Hana Pesut  of Vancouver who's taken her project of photographing couples in each others' outfits to an international level. Check out more of her photography work on her blog Sincerelyhana.

Instead of having a couple switching clothes to discuss clothing and gender identity, we decided to look at this from a personal style perspective and swap clothing between four friends and see what happens. Each of us overtime has developed a unique personal style that most of our friends could easily point out from a mile away. By switching something that is so distinct to each of our identities what does that leave us with?


Until next time,