November 17, 2013

OUTFIT/ Just Wondering, Anderson

Went to go check out the left overs of the H&M x Isabel Marant collection on my work break and out of the corner of my eye I spot this small neoprene poof hanging; misplaced on an already overstuffed rack. "Could this be real?"

With 15 minutes left on my break, I grab it, find a mirror, shove it over my pants, decide it's weird but kind of cute in a J.W. Anderson kind of way*** and dash over the Kids section cashier because there were lines everywhere else... (Always go to kids cash, always.) I figured it'd be better to impulse buy it and just return it if it was bad versus lose and never see it again.

I thought Saul was going to disapprove of it like he usually does when I buy anything of a skirt/kilt variety but even he recognized the J.W. Anderson reference and decided he "liked" it—but even that might be putting words in his mouth.

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Hat, Neoprene Skirt - H&M | Bone Earring - O.S. Accessories |
 Boots - Dr. Martens (Little Burgundy)
Plaid Bomber, Oversized Pullover, Spray-On Coated Denim - Topman 

***Mission left over #IsabelMarantxHM turned into #JWAndersonxHM 

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