October 08, 2013

OUTFIT/ Witching Hour

I've just been bathing in black (sometimes white) this past month and I've never felt better. There's so much to be expressed through monochromatic patterns, silhouettes, draping, and accessories! This is the second piece I purchased from O.S. Accessories and I'm loooovin' it.

Whenever I wear it though everyone calls me Bam Bam. I'd just like to point out that neither Bam Bam nor Pebbles even has piercings. Bam Bam's bone is a clasp to fasten his sling to his pants and Pebbles' is in her hair. #jussayin.

Hat - H&M | Bone Earring - O.S. Accessories | Scarf - Forever 21
Top - Complex Geometries | Pants - Thrifted/DIY | Shoes - Buffalo x Solestruck

 Until next time,