October 04, 2013

OUTFIT/ Vinyl Please

As soon as this wet-look skirt came into Topshop I got really excited and new it would end up as a new addition to my wardrobe. It's actually a maxi/ankle-length skirt with quite a bit of flare but I ended up taking it in to a more kilt-shape. The only thing is that I can only wear it on cloudy and rainy days - going out in a vinyl kilt in the sun looks absolutely ridiculous.

On the note of new things, my O.S. Accessories came in a couple weeks ago and this is my first outfit photo with them! They're amazing and I love them so much. Make sure to check O.S. Accessories out, great brand, great service, and great product!

Hat - KESH X American Apparel | Turtleneck - Topman | Shirt - Sandro
Kilt and Skull Ring - Topshop | Boots - Dr. Martens | Bones - O.S. Accessories