October 29, 2013


Kris Van Assche's AW13 collection for Dior gets put to the test in Fantastic Man's ROTATION: a series of new short fashion-dance films. By mixing waacking, voguing, popping, locking, ticking, hardstyle, and shuffling, director Job Van Bennekom pushes Dior to the test and takes fashion film to a new level. The combination of symmetrical shots, mashup of eccentric and lesser-known dance styles, techno/electro-world instrumentals, and the silhouettes of Dior x Kris Van Assche makes for an excitingly eccentric series of films.

Featuring Rhys Harding, Sep Dashti, Dylan Mayoral, Jai Hickling & John Jo Ink Pen styled by Jodie Barnes

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October 26, 2013

OUTFIT/ Retrograde

Hello everyone! This week I'm writing from Calgary/Chinook - I'm here with the Vancouver TS/TM team to help open the Chinook TS/TM location! Sorry it's taken so long to get another posting up, the hotel wifi's been shotty but I seem to have a good chance today, yay!

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Plastic Hat - American Apparel | Turtleneck and Pants - Topman | Plaid Shirt - Topshop
Necklace - Oak + Fort | Shoes -  New Balance (Little Burgundy)

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October 19, 2013

OUTFIT/ Cat Snack

Haven't worn my cat hat in a while nor posted about my leather bag yet so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and post about both. The cat hat is from some random Asian-gangster store in the middle of nowhere/Burnaby/Crystal Mall (pics at the bottom). The only reason I was there was to have brunch with my family one afternoon.

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 Hat -  Crystal Mall | Coat - Topshop | Denim Jacket and Polo - Topman
Pants - H&M | Boots - Dr. Martens (Little Burgundy) | Jil Sander Leather Lunch Bag - DIY'ed

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October 17, 2013

NAILS/ Fuzzy Coat

Every now and again I love to do my nails... and to be on trend with the fuzzy/fluffy coats/sweaters trend I stumbled upon this Sally Hensen Fuzzy Coat nail polish at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

(Anyone who's been shopping in the past two months knows what I'm talking about and if you haven't keep an eye out for anything fluffy/fuzzy because you'll probably see more than you think)

I'm also super inspired to wear everything that's speckled black and white. Don't know why, but it's apparently the only thing I find I want to purchase right now... enter American Apparel's Winie Print #OBSESSED.

Started with American Apparel in Echo Park, and then T-shirt on the middle fingers topped off with the Sally Hensen Fuzzy Coat in Tweedy. Also comes in a bunch of other fun colours!

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October 15, 2013

OUTFIT/ Because I Wanted To

Today I was coming home with with Saul on the bus. After taking a seat, the dude next to us looks over at me and asks in a douchy-trying-to-push-buttons manner, "Uh... why are you dressed like that?" 

I looked at him and quickly responded, "Because I wanted to."

Saul said I should have said something snarky but I stand by what I said because it's true and I dislike the thought of being perceived as a condescending fashion prick.

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Hat - Hudson's Bay | Scarf and Gloves - H&M | Coat and T-Shirt - Topshop
Shorts - Thrifted/DIY | Tights - American Apparel | Bag - Topman Lux
Shoes - Solestruck x Buffalo | Bone Earring - O.S. Accessories 

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October 14, 2013


Remember the J.W. Anderson Leather Bento Box?

Well I tried to recreate it and although it looks fine and dandy on photobooth I'll have to try again another day. Devil's in the details and mine is definitely not as cute as it could be. 

5 hours later and learning about sewing machine/thread tension in the midst of it. What am I even doing? Do I have a future in replicating food-inspired designer clutches?

One of these days I'll actually take proper photos of the Jil Sander lunch bag and this J.W. Bento Box :)

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October 08, 2013

OUTFIT/ Witching Hour

I've just been bathing in black (sometimes white) this past month and I've never felt better. There's so much to be expressed through monochromatic patterns, silhouettes, draping, and accessories! This is the second piece I purchased from O.S. Accessories and I'm loooovin' it.

Whenever I wear it though everyone calls me Bam Bam. I'd just like to point out that neither Bam Bam nor Pebbles even has piercings. Bam Bam's bone is a clasp to fasten his sling to his pants and Pebbles' is in her hair. #jussayin.

Hat - H&M | Bone Earring - O.S. Accessories | Scarf - Forever 21
Top - Complex Geometries | Pants - Thrifted/DIY | Shoes - Buffalo x Solestruck

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October 04, 2013

OUTFIT/ Vinyl Please

As soon as this wet-look skirt came into Topshop I got really excited and new it would end up as a new addition to my wardrobe. It's actually a maxi/ankle-length skirt with quite a bit of flare but I ended up taking it in to a more kilt-shape. The only thing is that I can only wear it on cloudy and rainy days - going out in a vinyl kilt in the sun looks absolutely ridiculous.

On the note of new things, my O.S. Accessories came in a couple weeks ago and this is my first outfit photo with them! They're amazing and I love them so much. Make sure to check O.S. Accessories out, great brand, great service, and great product!

Hat - KESH X American Apparel | Turtleneck - Topman | Shirt - Sandro
Kilt and Skull Ring - Topshop | Boots - Dr. Martens | Bones - O.S. Accessories