September 02, 2013

SOLESTRUCK/ Mens Fall Moodboard Contest

Solestruck remains one of my favourite online shoe retailers simply for their leading edge selection in mens and womens footwear. NOT TO MENTION their ridiculously amazing customer service. Definitely check them out and definitely maybe buy shoes from them because they're the best. If not, at least take a second to appreciate how great their shoes are.

I'm SO. EXCITED. because I just won the Solestruck contest for one of their favourite AW13 menswear mood boards! HUURRAHHHH!!!!

This is what I originally wrote as my inspiration: 

Basically if I had to sum everything up in a fragmented sentence it would be: A grown-up surreal interpretation of elementary school art class.

For this moodboard I was exploring a more “arts and crafts” meets “laboratory experiments” idea with lots of bold paneled detailing, contrasted with different layers of textures materials and prints. To mix things up more I combined formal and casual to add an edge to the casual outfits and to make the formal ones more wearable (not to mention layering is generally just more practical in the fall)

However after stepping back and looking at it again I'd rephrase it to be: Witches having lunch in a futuristic laboratory. Yep that sounds good.


Until next time,