September 07, 2013

PREVIEW/ Outcast ft. Adam

When I shot Patrick in Degenerate a while back, I ended up shooting him in a kind of "pre-magazine" shoot and then I shot him again for One1One Magazine's September Issue.

This time I had the pleasure of shooting Adam Chotemyenski of Luxe Models and the same thing ended up happening but under different circumstances. Originally this shoot was supposed to be for One1One's October Issue, but by forgetting to show everyone the inspiration board, to not planning the area in advance, or not even mentioning what the shoot concept was to Carlo (who was styling) until the day of the shoot, the final product was great, but unfortunately not what I had in mind for the issue.

Regardless it was a good time and we got some great photos out of it :D


As I said before, more to come, THESE ARE JUST PREVIEWS! </endboldcapslockspam>

But until next time,

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