September 14, 2013

OUTFIT/ Whatever, Pray for Paris

I try to stray away from labelled clothing because I don't personally enjoy being a walking advertisement unless it's ironic, like wearing my thrifted Adidas windbreaker, because of my inability to play sports. However I did end up making an exception for this Pray for Paris Tee because it matched my hair, I enjoy nature, and it's not obnoxious like a lot of other photo-printed garments out there. As well I figured the Pray for Paris logo from an aesthetic point of view is pleasing and the brand isn't too well known in Vancouver so I can just get away with it being a "generic" printed graphic tee.

Only problem is whenever I wear it the only thing people seem to ask me is, "What's happening in Paris?" to which I respond "Oh, nothing's happening, it's just a brand" and I have this feeling they think I'm being pretentious WHICH IS NOT THE CASE. I JUST LIKE THE FOREST OKAY? The dilemma with shirts and text is that everyone wants to read it—if they don't get it, they ask (sometimes very stupid) questions which may very possibly lead to possibly thinking the wearer is pretentious, and if they do get it, it's probably something stupid like "MOST SWAG" and they're possibly (or not) judging you for it, which is just annoying. Brand labelled clothing stresses me out and makes me angsty! Obviously some are nice and fun, while others, not so much. It's a lot to think about when making a purchase!

Regardless this t-shirt experience has pushed me further to understand 2 things:

1) Being a walking advertisement sucks sometimes, it attracts stupid attention.
2) I'm never buying a t-shit with text on it again ***

Will I still wear it out? Probably.

Pray for Paris: 1
Marchel: 0


Toque - Local Heroes | Sunglasses - USED Vintage | T-Shirt - Pray for Paris
Pants - Fabrixquare | Boots - Dr. Martens

***ONE exception to what I said earlier being the "Celine - Dion" sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters.)
(If you don't think this is hilarious on some level, maybe it's a Canadian thing, sorry.)

Until next time,