September 17, 2013

OUTFIT/ Up To My Neck

I've been in LOVE with the roll-neck long sleeved jersey tops that Topman pumped out this season! They come in black, grey, navy, and maroon. Naturally I gravitated to the black, and then couldn't help but get the grey as well. For $28 a piece, it's a steal! Not only does the neck roll open enough to cover my nose, but it can be folded into a high smooth-necked collar, and pushed down into a scrunch-necked collar—Amazing!

Also, a moment to applaud Topman on their cuffed skinny chinos. They're great. I want the cream pair too.

# That moment when you realize you're pretty much wearing head to toe Topman.

Last but not least, a BIG BIG BIG thank you to Solestruck for the free 9016-15-3 Mens after winning the mens fall-moodboard contest! The shoes are super comfy to walk in due to the extra "Dr. Martens" sole underneath an already soft rubber platform. At the end of an 8 hour work day in a concrete-tile store, my knees and feet don't feel like breaking off! Definitely my new favourite work shoe, not to mention how well it goes with everything I own right now.

 Leather Hat - American Apparel | Bag - Margiela for H&M | Shoes - Solestruck
Sweater, Turtleneck, Cuffed Chinos - Topman