September 23, 2013

OUTFIT/ Autumn Leaves

I originally pulled this hat for a shoot and was planning on returning it but after trying it on in 4 different mirrors around the house I decided to keep it. I've been looking for a wide brim fedora for AGES but all of the ones I tried on until now were way too tall. In one week I managed to find two I liked, one from the Bay which has a smaller brim and looks more "menswear-y" and then there was this one with the wider brim to give off an Azealia/Cowboy vibe. When you're wearing it and looking at it in a mirror up close it feels ridiculous but after deciding to suck it up and reviewing the photos, I realized it actually looked okay. Yay!

It was a bit windy for a wide-brim hat but I decided to go with it for dramatic effect, actually being able to hold my hat in the wind... I thought it was picturesque ahaha.

Hat and Pants - H&M | Circle Scarf - Rag & Bone | Polo and Bracelet - Topman 
Blazer - Village des Valeurs | Boots - Dr. Martens

 Until next time,